Value, A Guide to a Clarity

Before you go any further, take a moment to decide that the word value means to you.

I’ll wait.
Done? Okay, lets proceed.

Minimalism is not just an adaptation of the amount of stuff you have in your house, but rather it is an encapsulation of EVERY aspect of your life.

I can sum up minimalism in one word:  Value.

To me, value is not a monetary concept. Rather, it is a type of lifestyle. It is a handbook on how to live fully.

For example, when I am going shopping for any type of item I ask myself “Does this bring value to my life?” If the answer is no, I place the item back on the shelf and move on (sometimes begrudgingly- I’m looking at you, edible cookie dough). This simple sentence has already saved me so much money. I haven’t bought anything off of Amazon in over a month! For me, that’s huge.

I noticed that once I adopted a value way of thinking, my way of life has changed dramatically, especially my diet.

I have recently started the process of returning to a vegan diet, along with my sister. Even as a vegan, many items at the grocery store are unhealthy and void of any nutritional subsistence. I’ve found myself walking the aisles, picking up an item, and then asking myself if I will find any value in consuming it. Most of the time, the answer is no. Because of this, I’ve lost weight, feel less anxious, and focus on being the best overall healthy version of myself that I can be.

This mentality applies to whatever diet you’re consuming. Try it out!  The next time you go to the grocery store, ask yourself if that bag of Cheetos adds value to your life. If the answer is yes, then enjoy! If it is no, pat yourself on the back because you’re a goddamn rock star. Of course you’re allowed to splurge from time to time though, that’s what makes us human.

To me, adopting a minimalist diet is putting the best nutrients inside my body. However, sometimes that’s more difficult than it should be. Something that can make it difficult is a messy kitchen.  You read that right. Personally, I find that if the kitchen is messy I just wanna get out of there. Yes, of course, I clean up, but that mentality of being overwhelmed is still there. To me, wanting to get out of the kitchen quickly is a direct correlation to not putting a lot of thought into a meal. Simple, quick, and not necessarily the healthiest.

Now, I absolutely love cooking. I love making my own recipes and experimenting. It is honestly something that deeply relaxes me, so feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen is just the worst. Now that my sister and I have adopted this “value” mentality, we have gotten rid of many items in the house, particularly items that clogged up the kitchen. What a beautiful feeling of relaxation that comes with cooking in a clean and open space.

Clear counter spaces, clear mind, clean diet. Simple as that.

We, as a human race, are constantly evolving, constantly looking for ways to make our lives easier. Sometimes we take shortcuts, hoping to always come out on top. Maybe they will work. Maybe they won’t. What matters is the feeling that is instilled in you once you reach the top. If we don’t have value, we don’t have satisfaction. This is a lesson that I’m beginning to learn inside and out. It is in every part of your life.

Do you feel value in your work?
In your clothes?
In your diet?
In the people you have in your life?
In the items you have scattered around you?
In the thousands of social media posts you see in a day?
In how you spend your time?

If you answered “no” to any of those, what can be done to change your thought process? How will YOU adapt your life to feel worthwhile?

We only get this one life to live.
Make it count.


Until next time,





2 thoughts on “Value, A Guide to a Clarity

  1. Another entry right up my alley! You must have read the book, Japanese (?) author, that suggests picking up each item and asking if it “brings you joy”? Many full black garbage bags have been donated or disposed of since discovering this simple–but sometimes difficult to do–method of purging. Congratulations on 1-month no Amazon purchasing!


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