The Minimalism Challenge

Today I challenge you all to do the Minimalism Challenge for the month of September! If you want to get rid of nonsensical items you have floating around your house, car, or wherever, this is the challenge for you! It’s easy to follow, but it can get hard to do.

How It Works:

Every day of the month get rid of an item corresponding to the number of the day.
Sept. 1- Get rid of 1 item.
Sept 2.- Get rid of 2 items.
Sept 3- Get rid of 3 items
and on and on until Sept 30th. (465 total items for the month of September )

The first few days are easy; pick a random item and get rid of it. But as the days progress into the teens, twenties, and thirties, it gets more difficult, more thought provoking.

There are no rules as to what you can get rid of. The only rule is that the item must be thrown out/donated/out of the house by midnight that day.

This challenge can be done any month of the year.
If an entire month is too much, pick a week or a few weeks and stick with that. (Bonus points if you pick weeks with larger dates!)

Ready. Set. Minimize!

Good luck!

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